Ever pondered how much your company invests to pay, incentivise, equip and fully mobilise the sales force to deliver the revenue budget they are set?  Ever wondered what impact reducing the investment by 10% would have on the ability to deliver the revenue budget?  What if the revenue budget was increased by 10%….what increase if […]

Click on the picture to view Glenn’s video presentation How to increase your profile as a “beacon” pharmacy for women’s health- part 1 So, you are looking to increase your pharmacy’s women’s health profile, and become a solution destination for health states like pain, heart health, and pregnancy?  Experience shows us that there are two […]

Google TED talks … Click here and you will find a nice, sharp, 5 min presentation on the 5 keys to successfully negotiating any change management journey.  How do we apply models for change like this to pharmacies that have not successfully completed the change we keep hearing is critically urgent? According to the clip, […]

Hire for sales attitude and aptitude – not technical knowledge?  Are we witnessing the commencement of the turnaround? When I started my career in sales in the good old days of the mid 80’s, the world for B2B sales organisations and professionals was so, so different to now.  We would not have believed it possible […]

What is the current reality telling us about what the next reality will look like for corporate field-based sales teams? For many B2B sales organisations, the first quarter of the current century will be punctuated by two cataclysms.  The GFC and …….. now………Corona/Covid19.  One of the manifestations for many B2B sales organisations following the GFC, […]

A long standing client of ours asked us about this recently.  Three things were bothering him in terms of productivity and cost-to-mobilise of his own sales team … Are there ways to rebalance our traditional reliance on the face to face visit and the phone, in order to rise above all the noise and clutter […]

Its 5pm Friday afternoon.  Betty is just about to knock off for the week.  She walks into the staff tea room to look on the pin board to read next week’s roster.  “Bummer… I am on the early shift Monday morning”. Because the trusty roster tells her nothing more than the times of the day, […]

Fairly benign question, huh?   As players in the space occupied by Heads of Sales throughout corporate B2B Australia, we would have all been taught a similar principle. And this principle would usually go something like this… An opportunity should be sourced for possible entry into the pipeline, by: applying standard company profile criteria of attractiveness […]