Too often when I ask an owner to have a look at their mission/vision statement, if they have one, it will often be a hand-me-down from their brand or group head office.  Straight away, it is by definition going to be generic.  Secondly, it will often be replete with “Mum and Motherhood” statements about […]

  In this climate of negative buyer/consumer sentiment and talk of a new recession, making the emotional connection with the buyer is even more critical than ever for the aspirational sales professional.  The concept of making the emotional connection in the buyer conversation is certainly not new, but there seems to be an irony at […]

It’s tough…bloody tough out there these days…especially when you are a professional services provider selling to corporate Australia.  Double especially,  when your value proposition is not necessarily readily tangible to the target audience, and if it is, the target immediately considers the investment required as “discretionary”. The degree of difficulty in capturing the imagination in […]

Maybe you are switching brands…moving premises…gearing up for a significant refit and investment. Maybe you have dusted off your original sketches, looking to see the degree to which your current design and configuration meets your current service needs. Any of these scenarios, and more, should lead you to take a step back and think deeply […]

I would like to remind you of a consultation model I have developed to underpin a wholly different type of conversation at the health customer serving counters. A conversation, led by the dispensary team member that expands the typically narrow perceived customer need to a broader, more complete health consultation. Why is this? Now I […]

A while ago, I found myself caught up in a meaty coffee conversation with some key sales leaders of a beloved client of ours … the Australian arm of a global healthcare giant.  We were discussing their recent history regarding sales team structure evolution … a few years back, the territories were based on geographic […]

In a B2B landscape, where many sales teams continue to come under RoI scrutiny ( a common scenario since the GFC , 10 years ago), an old outdated paradigm seems to be hanging on longer and better than it deserves.  Single point or single face Account Management.  The notion that the sales exec is the […]