In the April 2019 Pharmacy Bulletin I talked about ditching the mum and motherhood statements in writing a Mission/Service Statement. Here is a case study as an example… A progressive, medium sized, neighbourhood shopping centre, branded pharmacy recently shunned its brand’s mission statement as meaningless and set about articulating its own.  Why?  This particular […]

Notice lately that the word “optimisation” seems to be creeping into Corporate jargon more and more?  I have – or at least I think I have.  Bit hard for me to tell, because I am heavily biased toward the word.  I am hearing it being used across multiple functions…optimise the collections process; optimising plant resources; […]

The truth about open vs closed questions…..and the application in health customer conversations. A recent AJP Daily article posed the question, “What error makes up 10% of incidents reported to PDL?” Advice offered in this article includes ……… “Open questions, as opposed to closed, should always be used and are designed to draw information from […]

So, you have run your annual StO analytics. Thereby, amongst a range of productivity driving outputs, you will have refreshed which customers belong in your top class for targeting, your mid class and your lower class. Putting aside the granularity of the math around your methodology, you should also have essentially produced 3 sub-classes within […]

In recent bulletins I have outlined the notion of the total engagement ; complete solution conversation customer experience and the types of service models and skills required to successfully execute such an offer. This month I would like to cascade the imagery of this customer experience down to granular levels to assist in the understanding. […]

This post is the final in a 3-part series: “Making the emotional connection during the sales process …..more important than ever” To review part 1 CLICK HERE To review part 2 CLICK HERE Part 3 of 3: Let’s apply the same principle now to the B2B scenario where the emotional connection with the buyer is […]

“Mary” (a pseudonym) is employed as a “forward” pharmacist at Upper Utopia West Pharmacy (another pseudonym!). In her heart and mind, she perceives herself as a “forward” pharmacist, believing that her best value to her employer is in engaging with customers at the service counters, offering health advice and solutions. Not processing scripts in the […]

This Bulletin is the second in a three part series. To review part 1 click here Making the emotional connection during the sales process ……….. more important than ever (part 2 of 3)   In this climate of negative buyer/consumer sentiment and talk of a new recession, making the emotional connection with the buyer is […]