Fairly benign question, huh?   As players in the space occupied by Heads of Sales throughout corporate B2B Australia, we would have all been taught a similar principle. And this principle would usually go something like this… An opportunity should be sourced for possible entry into the pipeline, by: applying standard company profile criteria of attractiveness […]

A 2016 edition of Forefront featured the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Customer Experience Index (CEI). The index found: 98 per cent of customers said pharmacy staff respected their privacy 97 per cent agreed that pharmacy staff understood their health conditions 93 per cent of customers agreed that pharmacy staff ensured non-prescription medicine was safe for […]

“How can I do my end of month sales forecast for The Exec, when you guys don’t input or update your % probabilities of conversion into your pipeline tracker!”… laments the frustrated Head of Sales to his brow-beaten Sales Execs at the monthly sales meeting. Sadly… a common lament. Yet so many imploring Heads of […]

8 fundamentals you need to get right The coffee conversations with various pharmacy owners  and managers I enjoyed a few years ago around the imperative of refocusing pharmacists from the rear technical processing role to the forward customer engagement role was predominantly anchored by whether and why questions.  These days these sorts of conversations are […]

As consumers, pharmacists – like Joe Public at large, are so conditioned these days to a certain “counter discipline” in classic retail environs.  Take the everyday supermarket.  There is clear signage and a reinforcing culture, that if you … Want self service you go to those self scanning/self self paying areas Want service and have […]

Thought I would share the bones of a coffee chat I enjoyed with a beloved client a while ago, because the theme of one particular topic seems to crop up on a semi regular basis currently. I reckon that both the consumer and the B2B worlds are going app crazy these days. I am continually […]

  In the April 2019 Pharmacy Bulletin I talked about ditching the mum and motherhood statements in writing a Mission/Service Statement. Here is a case study as an example… A progressive, medium sized, neighbourhood shopping centre, branded pharmacy recently shunned its brand’s mission statement as meaningless and set about articulating its own.  Why?  This particular […]

Notice lately that the word “optimisation” seems to be creeping into Corporate jargon more and more?  I have – or at least I think I have.  Bit hard for me to tell, because I am heavily biased toward the word.  I am hearing it being used across multiple functions…optimise the collections process; optimising plant resources; […]

The truth about open vs closed questions…..and the application in health customer conversations. A recent AJP Daily article posed the question, “What error makes up 10% of incidents reported to PDL?” Advice offered in this article includes ……… “Open questions, as opposed to closed, should always be used and are designed to draw information from […]