“I don’t have time to forward dispense!” vs “I don’t have time not to!” The KordaMentha Industry report of February pulls no punches (ref 1). Retail pharmacy industry is in a maelstrom, due largely to the twin forces of the discounters and PBS reform. One of the numerous recommendations, all too clear and oft reiterated …….. [...]

The following article was published in the Australian Journal of Pharmacy, May 2014. There is growing pressure on pharmacists to provide an array of professional services, dispense prescribed medicines and engage and educate customers. AJP investigates how behavioural change might just be the key to customer loyalty and making a profit.

See this article as it was originally published in the Australian Journal of Pharmacy here. Remember the cute little anecdote from the Stephen Covey classic, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? The one about the cadre of machete cutters cutting their way through the jungle. The cutters continuously figure out ways to cut more methodically, and in […]