The Next Level’s audit identified several key measurements at the script and OTC counters that were performing at a lower level than that of the cohort of 100 pharmacies. These included:

  • 31% of script customers stayed in store
  • Script customers received 18s of proactive health & medicines counsel
  • 25% of script customers received proactive medicines counsel
  • OTC customers received 8s of proactive health & medicines counsel
  • 46% of OTC customers received proactive medicines counsel
  • Each script item took 4m 44s to process
  • Each 100 OTC customers purchased 110 non-script health category products
  • Pharmacists spent 36% of time forward of the script processing function of the dispensary
  • NB all values are averages

The audit showed us that to maximise our health sales, we needed to make changes in order to improve customer retention, increase proactive counsel to our customers, and ensure our script processing was as efficient as possible.

The Next Level guided us through implementation of these opportunities through a series of coaching sessions, consultations and team workshops, in which we worked on:

  • Structural solutions, including setting a clear vision of their desired service model
  • Strategic solutions, including cultural change of the team and re-education of customer regarding the new service model
  • Upskilling staff to host total engagement: complete solution conversations more often, including monthly role play practice

Since beginning our work with The Next Level:

We have experienced a 15% pro-rated increase in health category sales volume, with further escalations in sales and volume expected as the work progresses. The associated structural and behavioural changes we have made will stand us in good stead for experiencing further financial benefits and cementing our position as a complete health destination.