The Next Level – powering DDS to become Dispensary Ready

Since 2016, Discount Drug Stores (DDS) and The Next Level have partnered via the Dispensary Ready program to give DDS customers a more complete health solution each visit. As well as improving the customer experience and providing a better health advisory service, Dispensary Ready will benefit DDS stores through increasing companion add-on sales and store profitability.

The Next Level’s key role has been to help DDS pharmacies define, develop and execute the tailored forward pharmacy service model

The results to date have been impressive, as illustrated in the below de-identified case studies:

Trial Store 1:

Whilst the effect of price disclosures reduced dispensary sales as per industry prediction, the pharmacy grew the FOS sales by 18% within a 6-month period.

The retail FOS sales increase has helped soften the impact of the loss from the dispensary.

As the staff continues to practice their newly developed skills from this program, we have every confidence this pharmacy will be equipped and able to alleviate the impact from the next round of price reductions.

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Trial Store 2:

This pharmacy has shown success and growth in both total sales and dispensary. Excluding high cost drugs, the dispensary grew almost 9%, FOS sales grew 15%, with a total growth of 11% within a 6-month period.

This team have proven they will continue to strive within their business as the results clearly indicate their enthusiasm after participating in the program.

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The structured approach of the Dispensary Ready Program enables DDS staff to focus on providing customers with a complete health solution with the right products, service and advice. The Next Level looks forward to the next exciting stages of the program, which include an Australia wide rollout of the program.