Project Initiator:

Dr Alison Roberts, Director Policy and Practice at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Assignment Period:

2011 – 2013

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Business Need:

We wanted to investigate the feasibility of a changed model of pharmacy practice in which the pharmacist is repositioned as a primary healthcare provider and the pharmacy is positioned as a healthcare destination. We knew that this would involve pharmacists making changes to their workflow, processes and behaviors in terms of engaging customers. We wanted to provide pharmacies with an assessment of their current efficiency and effectiveness of customer engagement, suggest where changes could be made, and track changes in these measures over the course of the trial. To achieve this, we called on The Next Level to extend their prior workflow assessment with supplier companies to analyse a series of pharmacies.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level refined and developed their initial methodology, and acted as the independent workflow assessor and scorer. Their method and report demonstrated to pharmacists how they were performing as a health destination, both in relation to others and in terms of changes over time.

The Results So Far:

All parties have confidence in the integrity and robustness of The Next Level’s results. We were able to make assessments and judgements about pharmacies that changed and saw commercial benefits and those that did not, within the limitations of the data provided by the pharmacies.

Looking Ahead:

As PSA explores the potential for expanding this understanding beyond the pharmacies participating in the trial, it is clear that there is value in The Next Level’s approach to workflow analysis, benchmarking and reporting.