Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse - Corporate Stores

In 2015 we sought to integrate The Next Level’s scoring/benchmarking and forward pharmacy implementation program into our own program for our corporate stores.  The Next Level had some capabilities that filled gaps and synergised with our program.

Excluding a few selected stores for internal reasons, we commenced putting the corporate stores through the 6 levels of The Next Level program at a pace that we could handle.


  • Scoring and Benchmarking
  • Change Preparation
  • Structural Solutions
  • Strategy Solutions
  • Sales Skills
  • Ongoing Practice

Glenn and his team have a warm and engaging style and our store teams have taken well to the program.  We continue the rollout across the stores. The results of our own inputs integrated with The Next Level’s program have shown compelling performance…………..


  • Overall script growth has reached and surpassed an average of 10% volume growth
  • For those stores that have advanced the furthest through the 6 levels thus far and received their sales training, we are seeing an average of 30% uplift in script add-on and OTC add-on sales

We see The Next Level as an ongoing strategic partner and look forward to extending these results.