Project Initiator:

Managing Director

Assignment Period:

July 2005 – February 2007

Irwin Tools business need:

Our sales growth had reached the point where it surpassed the ability and effort of our sales force to continue the growth. We were becoming vulnerable to competitors with more nimble, focussed and energetic sales professionals. We thought we knew some of the root causes of our sub-optimal sales force effectiveness, but we wanted an independent second opinion. Further, we didn’t want just a diagnosis, we wanted a group that could help us implement parts of the solution.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level outlined their sales force effectiveness diagnostic snapshot assessment approach to us and then went out into the field and used it to observe, score and rate selected representative members of our sales team. The diagnosis and report featured a quick turnaround time.

The Results So Far:

The findings and interpretations contained both quantification and qualification. It certainly confirmed our suspicions, but went further in terms of highlighting root causes we had not appreciated and it enriched our understanding of those we had anticipated. It gave us the roadmap forward and the confidence to act immediately. We sought further assistance from The Next Level for the aspects where we thought we needed assistance to implement, notably in software tools to help our sales people report and measure their critical visit activities. The roadmap implementation roadmap provided by The Next Level assisted us to implement the other elements under our own resources.

By the end of 2007, our overall effort and focus to upgrade and upskill our salesforce has paid handsome dividends and we enjoy in excess of 20% growth.