The Next Level’s first audit identified several key findings, such as:

  • 16% of script customers stayed in store
  • Script customers were engaged by dispensary staff for 2m 51s
  • Script customers received 47s of proactive health & medicines counsel
  • 42% of script customers received proactive medicines counsel
  • OTC customers were engaged by dispensary staff for 1m 38s
  • Each 100 script customers purchased 21.1 non-script health category products
  • Each 100 OTC customers purchased 93.8 OTC items
  • Pharmacists spent 35% of time forward of the script processing function of the dispensary
  • $27.10 was spent on non-script health categories per script customer transaction
  • NB all values are averages

The Next Level guided Priceline Pharmacy The Glen through implementation of the opportunities identified in the baseline scores via:

  • Structural solutions, including setting a clear vision of their desired service model
  • Strategic solutions, including cultural change of the team and re-education of customer regarding the new service model
  • Upskilling staff to host total engagement: complete solution conversations more often

The Next Level re-audited Priceline Pharmacy The Glen 12 months later, and saw:

  • A 135% improvement in customers staying in the store (to 40%)
  • A 12% improvement in script customer engagement duration (to 3m 12s)
  • A 27% improvement in proactive health & medicines counsel duration per script customer (to 1m)
  • A 20% improvement in the proportion of script customers receiving proactive medicines counsel (to 51%)
  • A 14% improvement in OTC customer engagement duration (to 1m 52s)
  • A 110% improvement in non-script health category products purchased per script customer (to 44.2)
  • A 47% improvement in OTC items purchased by OTC customers (to 138.1)
  • A 69% improvement in Pharmacist forward orientation (to 60%)
  • A 17% improvement in non-script health categories per script customer transaction (to $31.70), with a further improvement a year later of an additional 22% (to $38.59).

These outstanding results, as well as the awarding of the Aspen Australia Innovation award 2015, reinforce the importance of the total engagement – complete solution model. Priceline Pharmacy The Glen has embraced this model and is going from strength to strength, with these outstanding financial improvements supported by empowered staff and a strong culture.