“How long are your Sales Execs spending on average in their visits with Tier 1 customers, John”?

“Oh, it depends Glenn”, responds one of my most respected Head of Sales from a B2B sales organisation selling into the agri-sector.  “It depends what the customer wants, what we want the Execs to do during the cycle, the time of season, whether they are doing a quarterly review, an in-service…………and ………. I could go on and on Glenn”

 I was intrigued.

 “So, tell me a bit about your visit design, John”

 “Huh”…………John’s furrowed brow told me we were now not on the same page.  I thought about de-jargonising.

“I mean to say, that I am interested to know about the types of visits you have designed for Sales Execs to structure their face to face conversations around, and how they come together into an integrated annual plan or calendar”.

 “Well, we operate to seasonal selling cycles, and we give the Sales Execs the tools of the trade, but then it is really up to them to structure what they do and how, when face to face with customers and prospects”.

“John, let me shout you a cuppa for another 10 minutes of your time and thumbnail for you how we are seeing leading edge sales organisations embrace and execute visit design as crucial element of sales team optimisation.

 Come back again next week for part 2.