Abbott Nutrition

Project Initiator:

Andrew Minton, Business Development Director ANZ

Assignment Period:

2012 – 2014

Abbott Nutrition business need:

We called on The Next Level to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of our Aged Care sales team, and also review the structure and function of the entire Australian Nutrition business.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level procured a national list of Australian Aged Care services, and used this to develop a proxy model that correlated facility type and size with known sales data to identify facility level current & potential value. Using this model and their standard sales team optimisation methods, they were able to classify the customer & prospect base, then confirm the appropriate headcount, activity rate and visit frequencies to best manage the accounts. They turned their attention to mapping efficient and workable territories for each sales executive that ensured optimal coverage. To optimise the activities of sales executives once out in their territories, they worked with the team to develop individual journey plans and visit types.

The Next Level’s review of our Nutrition division structure & function leveraged the outcomes of the Aged Care StO program. Data relating to market size, distribution & growth, as well as account management requirements was gathered for each Nutrition segment, and compared to identify whether there existed opportunities for consolidation. Recommendations were made to that effect, with pros and cons of each scenario so that we could make an educated assessment of the best scenario.

The Results So Far:

Implementation of the optimised Aged Care teams has been completed as a pilot program for selected states. Those states that implemented the program have seen an improvement in sales of an average 7% in a flat market, compared to 1% in those states that have not yet implemented the program.

The Nutrition division review ensured that we entered into our strategic discussions armed with the knowledge we needed about the Nutrition market and the options available to best service the market.

Looking Ahead:

We recognise the value of The Next Level as a partner with a high level of knowledge about our business, which we can turn to at any time for future Sales team optimisation and related needs.