Searching for sales team optimisation? We know where to look.  

If you’ve got a business to business sales team, one thing is for sure: the back of your mind buzzes constantly with the desire to improve efficiency, productivity and your profit. The good news is that there’s always another level of sales success within your reach… it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

The “Next Level Sales System” is the culmination of nearly three decades of sales expertise and technology, which can sound quite complicated at first glance… but the results it delivers to your business are brilliantly simple:

Your sales productivity will grow by a minimum of 20%. We guarantee it.

Add fuel to your sales team’s critical economic drivers.

Rationalise resources

Find the smartest way to mobilise your troops and maximise productivity.

Better monitoring

Improve your visitation and contact in the field, enhance your sales activity rate.

Fine-tune targeting

Hit more targets through effective customer base classification & coverage.

Reach and convert

With better penetration of your prospect pool, comes optimised reach and conversion.

Raise revenue

Make sure you see real RoI from what it costs to mobilise your sales team.

How do we get you there? Here’s “The Next Level Sales System” at a glance.

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Snapshot assessment

Our snapshot assessment tools are designed to provide quick, accurate and frank quantified  assessments of the current performance of your pre and post sales process interfaces with your customers.

Sales team time/activity refocus

Our quality management tools are designed to re-engineer pre and post sales processes to streamline them for increased customer satisfaction, and sales team time liberation from reactive value destroying to proactive value adding activity.

Scoreboard design

The Next Level Sales System version of “The balanced scorecard” for the sales organisation features three levels.  The tailored scoreboard (and associated league tables) include the small but right number of critical activity inputs; process (farming and hunting) outputs; financial outcomes.

Sales exec effectiveness

The Next Level can customise topic(s) to assist train the sales team members to implement the parts of the Sales System developed.

Our Sales System presentations motivate participants to take a fresh look at the company’s sales function, challenge conventional “house wisdom” and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our workshops extend this by also increasing the skill and knowledge base of participants.

Our bootcamps provide all of this PLUS participants will leave with tangible outputs (processes, tools, templates and/or models) with user guides, that they can implement immediately and/or continue to develop immediately afterwards.


Please select from downloads below for detailed explanations of each topic:

The Next Level topics for presentation, workshop or bootcamp delivery – Mar 2017

1 The Next Level Sales vs Customer Service responsibility – Mar 2017

2 The Next Level Hunting vs Farming vs Servicing – Mar 2017

3 The Next Level Customer Classification & Prospect Profiling – Mar 2017

4 The Next Level Account Management (Farming) – Mar 2017

5 The Next Level Prospect Management (Hunting) – Mar 2017

6 The Next Level Face to Face sales methodology (QODRANTS) – Mar 2017

7 The Next Level Sales Team productivity RoI modelling – Mar 2017

8 The Next Level Sales Territory Structure & Mapping – Mar 2017

9 The Next Level Sales Scoreboard topic – Mar 2017

10 The Next Level Sales Team Benchmarking – Mar 2017

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