Project Initiator:

National Sales and Marketing Manager

Assignment Period:

February 2010 – Present

Comcater business need:

Our company has a long standing track record of consistent growth. However, we recognised that existing sales systems and skills would not necessarily keep this trend going. We needed to build stronger parts into our selling system in relation to visit productivity, hunting processes and tools, lead generation and qualification, as well as face to face selling skills.

The Next Level Business Solution:

Initially, The Next Level suggested that together we conduct some preliminary tailoring from some in-field observational and diagnostic work, sales team productivity and RoI Modelling, management preparation and education meetings.

From here we compiled a series of data files, customer databases and finance system extractions and worked with The Next Level team to model a range of aspects that underpin sales team productivity…… headcount scenarios; visit activity rates; segmentation and targeting for customer base coverage; breadth and depth of prospect penetration. Using the various modelled outputs, we made some strategic selections and decisions, so that The Next Level could tailor the delivery of the bootcamps to around 30 of our sales staff.

The Results So Far:

We have enjoyed an excellent commercial year, with an improvement of around 30% on last year. The lessons we have learnt from The Next Level have assisted us in developing a more structured, prioritised and accountable sales function.


The Next Level delivered very polished bootcamps that provided our sales teams with tools and systems to improve their hunting and opportunity management. The modelling outputs enabled me to take a business case for sales team structure and deployment to The Board to gain what I needed.