Project Initiator:

Darren Sturt, General Manager

Assignment Period:

September 2010 – December 2010

Holcim Business Need:

We had recently attracted some large projects in the stone and quarrying division through leveraging specifier advocacy, which made us realise that (i) specifiers were a valuable value chain segment, and (ii) our processes in finding and nurturing specifiers needed to be more tangible and repeatable.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level applied their Sales team optimisation tools, approach and systems to define and challenge existing strategies relating to our value chain. The inputs and outputs of early modelling stimulated debate among our project team that challenged conventional wisdom about how we go to market and align the sales team accordingly.

The Next Level then drafted a specific process and program for identifying and opening up dialogue opportunities for the hard-to-flush-out specifiers, and ran a bootcamp with the whole sales team to educate them, brief them and bring them up to speed regarding the new strategies.

The Results So Far:

The design of the specifier strategy generated valuable debate and resulted in a clearer definition of how our sales strategies should align with our value chain and the structure of our sales team. The associated training of the sales team was very well-received by all involved.

Looking Ahead:

The Next Level demonstrated an in depth understanding of the complex value chain in which we work. When the need arises for further sales team optimisation we would not hesitate to consider them.