Project Initiator:

CEO Daniel Leipnik

Assignment Period:

February 2010 – current

The Specialty Group Business Need:

At The Specialty Group, we felt that we were not getting the value we needed out of our older quality system and wanted to upgrade it to proactively improve on product quality and customer satisfaction, using the new ISO 9001:2008 standard as a vehicle to make these improvements.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level quickly reviewed our dormant Quality Management System components and used their methodologies, models and capacity to fill gaps and bring processes back to life. They helped us re-enact a refreshed and updated Quality Management System. The Next Level was able to offer The Specialty Group an internal auditing service that assessed and implemented an audit schedule to cover all areas of the Quality Management System currently in place. Methodical monthly auditing by The Next Level along with recommendations and subsequent alterations to the Quality Management System, ensured that each of the areas within the ISO9001 standard were compliant within our business.

The Results So Far:

In March 2012, the certification providers performed an audit and were pleased to subsequently offer continued certification to The Specialty Group.

Looking Ahead:

We look forward to continuing our work with The Next Level. We have re-focussed our audit schedule to encompass more of a process based regular internal audit.