We have used the services of The Next Level on an ad-hoc basis over the past 5 years in helping us develop our forward pharmacy service.  This journey has traversed two incarnations as we went through a major re-brand and shop shift along the way.  For each of the last two years, Glenn has personally come to Townsville to put our teams through The Next Level’s unique “TRAPS” sales training for our health customer team and unique “BOATS” sales training for the non-health customer team.


The training teaches us how to have a different and more valuable conversation with our customers. I have been exposed to numerous forms of training in my years in retail pharmacy, but I have never seen training like this, that really teaches our staff how to communicate, connect and engage with our customers in a very different way.  Because of this, it has been challenging, and it has taken time and commitment to change old habits and develop the new skills Glenn has taught us.


We have designated one of our team members to be the TRAPS and BOATS coach, and help our team members continue to keep practicing and utilising what we learnt in the classroom in the real world.   To that end, Glenn and his team are a great support, as they constantly keep in touch with us, coach us, keep us focussed on what we should be doing and measuring …. all of this comes continuously after the actual face to face training is finished.


If I could summarise why The Next Level’s training is so different and beneficial in a nutshell, it is because it gives us skills to really make a deep and emotional connection with our customers.  A connection beyond the norm of the product, price and advice.


We are seeing results in the shape of sales and profit growth, customer loyalty and increased career satisfaction for our team.