Project Initiator:

Simon Hine, Executive General Manager, K&S Freighters

Assignment Period:

2013 – current

K&S Freighters business need:

Our sales team needed help to become effective territory sales managers rather than operationally focused account managers. We called on The Next Level to improve both the structure and function of the sales team, as well as extend our capacity for finding new business.

The Next Level Business Solution:

Over the past three years Next Level has delivered an extensive range of integrated services that support every aspect of our sales function. These include:

  • Identifying areas for improvement in the sales team’s focus and efforts through a staff survey program
  • Classifying our customer & prospect base and balancing our sales team’s capacity vs commitment to ensure our business development activities are targeted, efficient and effective
  • Training the sales team in hunting and farming techniques, as well as the Trusted Partner account management model, which will extend and strengthen our relationship with valued customers
  • Measuring and reporting on the team’s KPIs vs financial and other outputs via a tailor-made scoreboard
  • Mentoring new members of the sales team
  • Analysing target market segments to identify and procure a targeted lead generation database
  • Providing a lead generation expert consultant to manage, undertake and report on the telephone based lead generation program

The Results So Far:

Our sales team is much better structured and equipped with the support of The Next Level. They know who to visit, how often, and what to offer their customers to develop a Trusted Partner relationship.  K&S management is now better informed about our customer base and the sales team’s performance.

The Next Level’s lead generation program has generated over 360 leads for our sales team, and during our time working together on StO projects, K&S Group revenue performance has improved by approximately 15%.

Looking Ahead:

We value The Next Level as a long term partner and advisor. Their extensive knowledge about our business and industry, as well as their systematic approach to delivering effective sales team optimisation, means that we plan to continue our relationship well into the future.