Project Initiator:

Chief Operating Officer & National Petroleum Manager

Assignment Period:

Nov 2004 – Ongoing

Coffey Environments business need:

An opportunity presented for us to take a radical review of our key service delivery process to one of our clients, a leading global petroleum supplier. It was one of those situations where the timing was right because we had been building up to taking a hard look at our own business process performance and some equally forward thinking people in our client where simultaneously wanting to focus similar attention to the processes flowing between us.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level led us through a journey of understanding the current service delivery process in great detail, mapping it “as is”, identifying and quantifying the drivers of value adding and value destroying activity. Working hands-on with the key people The Next Level then facilitated the brainstorming and development of changes to the process activities and overall process output vision. From there they mapped the process “to be”, and workshopped to gain agreement for the new business rules, tools and measures required to support the refocus. We have sought their on-going support, to help us in the implementation of the changes and specifically in the development of the measures to help Management drive the behavioural changes required.

The Results So Far:

We are currently moving through the programmed changes at a rate that suits our business dynamics and see the business benefits emerging. Typical project turnaround time to our major client has gone from an average of 110 days (with 20% on time) to an average 60 days (with over 80% on time). The key report quality measure has gone from “negligible” to a 70-80% range, and the key project briefing quality measure we place on our customer has gone from 50% to 85%. There is still more improvement to be gained, but these results are very encouraging.

Looking Ahead:

We see The Next Level as a resource we can call on at any time, to help us drive the program through and to leverage across to other areas of the business. After the entrenchment of the first raft of activity measures we are now working with The Next Level to help us build our on-going business service delivery “scoreboard”.