Project Initiator:

General Manager, Marketing, Intermodal Division

Assignment Period:

Nov 2004 – Ongoing

Pacific National business need:

We have a customer service centre in each State, but had no objective mechanisms to measure their activity focus, benchmark their performance, comparatively assess their processes to determine best practices, nor an on-going structure for cross pollination of ideas, tools and practices.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level personally visited all our centres and sat in with the teams during the hurly burly of their work. Their consultant watched, listened, questioned and documented their various practices and tools. Then the Next Level team ran a training and facilitated cross-pollination workshop for all our State Customer Service Team Leaders, based on the data from the site visits. At the same time they conducted a very structured and quantitative customer survey across our customer base in each State and developed a scoreboard to assess the various activities and performances….by numbers. Since then they have been re running the survey on a regular basis so that we can benchmark each centre competitively and by individual centre over time. Now they are assisting our Business Managers enhance this scoreboard to be able to measure both key activities and customer service deliverables bilaterally – internally by our emerging measurement tools and externally form the customer scoring perspective.

The Results So Far:

We have seen our consolidated customer service scores, as judged by our customers, improve significantly over the period (10-15% across the most imprtant factors) and the customer service team member awareness of being measured has clearly raised the profile of quality proactive customer service delivery. The Next Level team helped us really embrace the addage “what gets measured gets done”

Looking Ahead:

We have enjoyed a long-standing professional relationship with Glenn, both before and since he started The Next Level, and we see Glenn and his team as a business partner, not just consultants. We have seen the program develop over the period and gain additional valuable features. We look forward to continue working with The Next Level team in this way.