Project Initiator:

National Sales Manager

Assignment Period:

Sept 2007 – Ongoing

AURLS business need:

We were achieving improvement in our market share, but recognised that our sales competency and sales process integrity were not going to be sufficient to meet our growing customer needs. In addition, we recognised that we had under-developed sales tools, IT systems and metrics. We were looking for a solution and some assistance to help us maintain our market share growth.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level improved our sales process by reducing the time our salespeople spent in sales administration, and improved our sales effectiveness by switching the major focus from reactive to proactive sales activities. In parallel, to improve our sales structure and disciplines, The Next Level and its IT partners provided a customised CRM database solution.

The Results So Far:

Our sales culture and capability has substantially improved, with members of the sales team now proactively hunting in new and innovative ways. Lots of planning going on for good Local Area Prospecting activity this year – D is running another expo in March, S an Australia Day historical photo exhibition/sausage sizzle and M is planning an Art Exhibition in June with an over 55s painting exhibition with prizes provided by AU……… more energy/time to local area prospecting and furthering local contacts etc. You’d be proud of us!!! Our new and improved sales support systems are helping to ensure that our market share continues to grow.

Looking Ahead:

We are now in the process of upgrading the original version of the CRM, which has proven to be very beneficial in raising the sales team’s competence and improving the sales process. We anticipate working with The Next Level again to implement subsequent versions of the software and deliver further sales effectiveness improvements.