Project Initiator:

Managing Director

Assignment Period:

March 2007 – Ongoing

Megara business need:

To grow sales in an increasingly competitive market place. Challenged to sell on value rather than price, our salespeople were finding it difficult, and there was little consistency in sales activities between sales offices. Over the years we had tried a number of sales methodologies and approaches to achieve a consistent and competitive sales system.

The Next Level Business Solution:

The Next Level’s diagnostic process revealed a number of specific imperatives, which they then addressed with a tailored version of their sales system.

The Results So Far:

Having a robust, transparent sales system has meant that newly recruited reps can ‘hit the ground running’ in alignment with our company strategy with no internal downtime. We previously recruited people who were traditional hunters or farmers depending on our perceived need, but the personality or profile of the person is now less important due to our hunting and farming processes and systems, which gives us a better outcome.

Looking Ahead:

We are now at the sixth and penultimate level of The Next Level journey and look forward to working with The Next Level throughout 2009 to move to the top level.