After The Next Level audited our store in 2015, they guided us through implementation of the opportunities they identified in the baseline scores via:

  • Structural solutions, including setting a clear vision of our desired service model
  • Strategic solutions, including cultural change of the team and re-education of customer regarding the new service model
  • Upskilling staff to host total engagement: complete solution conversations more often

Implementing these recommendations has resulted in us not only giving better advice and service to our customers but also a growth in sales for our business.

Compared to the same time last year we have experienced a 14% improvement in health sales and an almost 50% increase in OTC items sold with scripts, and we believe this is just the beginning.

Our customers have given feedback about how they have appreciated the advice and information they are receiving from us (particularly from the pharmacist).

The program has made us stop and re think our way of serving and selling, and we think more now about the bigger picture of what is best for the customer (solutions and ongoing support) not just robotic companion selling.

Our next step is to train more staff and that way everyone will be able to follow these steps and achieve the same amplified results.