The Next Level’s first audit identified several key findings, such as:

The Next Level audited our store in 2015, and identified a series of opportunities for increasing health sales while improving the customer experience via a more forward pharmacist service model, a better structured workflow and training of all staff to host total engagement: complete solution conversations more often.


We have implemented these recommendations and recent results have shown us we are on the right track.

The Next Level guided Good Price with a focus on an improved customer experience that can be seen by:

  • A 120% increase in Clinical Interventions
  • A 24% increase in Meds Checks
  • A 57% increase in Vaccinations
  • A 133% increase in Sick Leave Certificates

These behavioural outcomes have been accompanied by positive financial results for the store as well, including:

  • A 5% increase in prescription units
  • A 2% increase in S2 sales
  • A 19% increase in S3 sales

We believe this is just the beginning, and look forward to further successes for the store and our customers as we continue our focus on the total engagement: complete solution model.