Reduce the bandwidth of their responsibility!  And then sharpen the accountability around the remaining scope of responsibilityunderthesun.  Ensure that this culture and system is spelled out right at the get go during recruitment interviews.  Easy for your dedicated scribe to write this.  The hero entwined in the solution is the sales system.  If my assertions resonate, then for it to happen you need a robust, data driven, objective, dynamic, and above all,  competitive advantage rendering sales system.  A system that essentially decides for the team member (and for Management transparency and comfort!), day in day out, the right person to visit next, when, how often, the right solutions to be deployed within right business partnership framework.

It should not be the responsibility for each team member to determine these critical elements.  If the sales system does this for them, then they can reduce their focus to optimising each moment of truth.  Every hour in the sunshine in front of a customer or prospect.  Job done – back in the car, then the system determines who to visit next.  Then the organisation can focus on measuring sales system accountability compliance, and coaching for skills to optimise each “hour in the sunshine”.

Keep an eye on next weeks post: Is a sales system that tells you who, when, and why to visit micromanagement? or best practice?

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