Peter George, Company Leader at Outokumpu, co-ordinated the next breakfast seminar in conjunction with The Next Level  on the 26th of November at Boheme Cafe once again. Now a regular feature to this forum, the morning was separated into four parts – :

  • Glenn Guilfoyle, founder of The Next Level and Australia’s leading expert on B2B sales team optimisation, delivering a short “how to” piece on developing your selling systems – the qualitative part.
  • Philip Finocchiaro, Senior Business Development Manager at Dun & Bradstreet, then presented a short piece on Building the Sales Pipeline.
  • Peter George then facilitated a panel discussion on these topics.
  • The Panel then facilitated an audience wide plenary discussion for all to join in the debate and cross pollinate experiences.

On the panel were:

  • Graeme Orr – CEO of the Sales and Marketing Institute.
  • John Day – Managing Director of Day Consulting.
  • Zoran Jovanovski – General Manager (Aust/NZ) of Dunlop Foams.


  • valid business reasons and visit design
  • partnership plans and calendars
  • pipeline specification for tracking and measurement
  • building your pipeline using existing customers and effective lead sources
  • knowing what you don’t know about your customers and the market and how that drives sales
  • finding customers who can buy from AND will pay on time
  • prospecting and pitfalls – strategies to maximise your sales effort.

Please click here to view the “Developing your selling systems” power point presentation and click here to view “Building the Sales Pipeline” power point presentation of the morning.