New lead generation just getting harder and harder?  Gatekeepers and hound-like front end receptionists just getting keener and keener on keeping “the wolves at bay”?  Anti –spamming laws making it trickier and stickier to reach out to your target audience, even with thoughtful and professional email comms?

An all-too-familiar quandary for the Australian B2B sales organisation these days.

Do you pass the responsibility onto your existing BDMs/Sales Execs?  “Yes, that’s how we have done it since living memory”, reverberates the common response.

For years and years these organisations have been grappling with hunting-farming dilemma.  The pros and cons of setting up the sales team with specialist famers and specialist hunters vs the hybrid or combined model.  More and more, this dilemma presents with another dimension.  However the hunting is allocated for accountability, the flow-on question that commands attention is the division of hunting into flushing and trapping.

And more and more Australian B2B sales organisations are now experimenting with separating flushing from trapping, in terms of accountability.  In other words………..leave the existing BDMs to focus on trapping (received, qualified leads), whilst co-opting specialist resource to execute the flushing (generating and incubating leads to readiness for passage to the existing BDMs, as qualified and timely  leads).

The rise and rise of the specialist “internal BDM”.  What does this “beast” look like and what do they do?  Come back next week and lets kick that one around.