Sales team optimisation and the challenge of visit productivity

“At the start of the year we all (the whole sales team) agreed we could average 5 visits a day; 4.5 days per week.  50 minutes per visit on average; 25 minutes between visits.  With a bit of flex to round out the day; half a day a week off the road to undertake sales support, planning and admin.”

 “Good as gold!  We had “evened out” the territories, so that no one could say they were unequally disadvantaged.  We had provided ipads and upgraded CRM and other systems connectivity.  So, from our annual conference, where this discussion was facilitated, out into our market we went…….to conquer.”


Sales team scoreboards reveal

“Three months down the track………..we have achieved our 4.5 days per week target.  But we are only averaging 3.8 visits per day.  So we are 24% down on our customer coverage.  So I asked around.  Why? Why not?  The answers were inconsistent, show no real trends or insights, and in some cases even implausible.”

 What should our frustrated Head of Sales do? Tune in next week to find out?