TNL pcgrpwthI saw this question on LinkedIn recently, and it got me thinking.  Like most of these either/or questions there is no simple single answer.  Other than this – it depends!  I posit that if you and your sales team are characterised by the following fundamentals, then your answer becomes less conditional and more aligned with the “best practice” end of the spectrum:


  • You have at least a handful of mobile on-the-road territory based Sales Execs in the team;
  • Who are charged with the responsibility of managing a large and heterogeneous group of customers and prospects;
  • And make repeat relationship based visits on these customers;
  • Who in turn make repeat reorders of the consumable products or services in question;
  • Whereby, these customers often have multiple suppliers of the given product and service and can readily shift allegiance between suppliers


If you look at least somewhat like this, then you and your sales team lends itself to the discipline known as sales team optimisation.   This is tantamount to saying that the members of such a team operate best within a sales system environment, one that tells you who to visit, when, and why.

Keep an eye out for next weeks post: Presenting RoI to a customer or prospect

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