Project Initiator:

Managing Director

Assignment Period:

March – December 2005

UHG business need:

The business had been going well, particularly over the past 12 -18 months. We were growing, but at an unsustainable rate within the existing framework. We were relatively unstructured, with blurred accountabilities, limited processes, business rules and measures. Paradoxically, we weren’t exactly sure of our success formula, and whenever service failure happened, we seemed to struggle to put in lasting solutions. We could see the opportunity for significant further growth, but it was clear that we didn’t have the business structures and disciplines in place to confidently tackle those opportunities.

The Next Level Business Solution:

Glenn spent a lot of time on-site with the team. At first it was culturally challenging, because they had not experienced an approach like this before. He taught the team about process and the science of management by measurement. He mapped out the linkage with accountability. He established a lot of missing management processes and helped our managers use the measurement data to really understand the business value drivers. He engaged the front line staff to map our key service delivery process in great detail, and to make a raft of changes and new business rules to lock in consistent, same day turnaround time.

The Results So Far:

In 7 months The Next Level helped us to get where we needed to be. There is a legacy of clear understandings of accountabilities between Business Development and Operations, and the managers of both areas have carried on measuring many of the key activities as well as service delivery outcomes on the scoreboard that The Next Level helped set up. Importantly for us we now are well placed to tackle the significant market opportunities. The team has got turnaround time down to same day, starting from a variable 2-4 days, at the outset.