“Yes, Glenn!  I hear you! And I am not disagreeing.”

 My erudite prospect was being firm in mitigating my bubbling over passion as I envisaged and then articulated how much the organisation’s sales could improve with the establishment of a tailored sales system (the company is a large branch network B2B distributor) and some sales team optimisation input.

 “ But I just don’t know if we are ready and the time is right for us.  I think that we have too many wrong people in our sales team, the culture would not work for high uptake of such a system, and I think the effort would be wasted due to a lack of leadership in the team.  I think we need to address our people and leadership issues before we turn to the process and system.”

 “But how do you know that”……….I nervously ventured forward ………..when you have not specified what the process and system need to look like?  With respect, I would put it to you that, you can only make the right decisions about right people on the bus and who should get off, once you know the skills, competencies and attitudes required to fulfill the tailored sales system”

 Who is right…………..me or my prospect?  Lets pick this up next week?