“When I was heading up the pharmacy group in recent years, I engaged Glenn (The Next Level) and we implemented some of his training program. This was successful in creating a change of mindset and change in workflow which in turn allowed our pharmacists more time to implement programs and consultations with customer and patients. This served to further shift the group’s focus to health services that could deliver better health outcomes for patients and allowed pharmacist to be reimbursed for dedicating more time to health services. Any significant change in business focus and operational workflow like this is a challenge. Nonetheless it was well accepted by the majority of the owners and we managed a result that saw the group deliver far greater number of health services and earn revenue from reimbursable patient programs 14% above the national average. The most progressive members achieved results around 20% above the national average.


Whilst we did many things to get this great result, Glenn’s training program was a fundamental cornerstone to the success.”


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