“Our sister company, Willach Pharmacy Solutions, have been using the services of “The Next Level” for a number of years. Our colleagues at Willach have recognised the independence and thorough rigour of science behind The Next Level’s capability to audit, measure and benchmark any pharmacy’s script processing and customer engagement. At Pharmacium, we have similar needs – to assist pharmacies to identify their key areas for improvement and be able to independently measure the benefit that our services can offer a pharmacy team. But we needed a modified version of The Next Level’s standard auditing and reporting to meet our unique requirements. The Next Level were only too willing to collaborate with us and then to invest in their own “IP” to come up with a unique audit/report that suited our needs perfectly. We have used their tailored-for-us service continuously since 2017 and the ability to be able to score our clients performance in these critical customer service areas, and to show our clients how they compare to the Australian benchmarks has been invaluable for the service and value that we add.”


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