If you are an old Ozzie 60’s rocker like me, you will recall The Vibrants’ hit “Don’t let your left hand know”.  Funny thing, as a self acclaimed sales team optimisation maven of the twenty-first century, I am often reminded of this old Vibrants gem, when regular discussions with Australian B2B Heads of Sales reveal how many don’t let their left hand know what their right hand is doing.

 What am I on about?

It’s the sales team optimisation equation… or as we call it the sales team optimisation law of gravity.  It’s immutable – has always been with us – always will, and it’s the sales team optimisation version of the classic accounting equation.  The left hand side must equal the right hand side to be correct and in balance.  As B2B Heads of Sales, we have three choices.  Be oblivious to it, ignore it (at our peril)… or recognise it, embrace it, and manipulate it (to our advantage).

Mathematically it looks like…

Sales team optimisation equation

The mathematics of sales team optimisation

The problem is that far far too often the left hand does not equal the right hand.  Even greater problem is that far far too often, the respective B2B Head of Sales does not even know!