We want to focus on what we are doing, not what our competitors are doing!

Well meaning enough.

But potentially a tad naive………..or possibly a touch of hubris?

It shouldn’t take long to gather the necessaries, and the relevant info should be at hand , or at least readily attainable.  When considering options for sales team redesign, you should assess what your main competitors’ sales teams look like, and whether you are punching above, at, or below your weight.  The fundamental characteristics should include……..

  • Relative market share comparisons
  • Size and structure of team(s)
  • Expected significant structural changes (eg, new products, structural changes to company)

If you are about to consider a cost-of-sales initiative to sales team design in the form of a reduction of headcount from 24 to 21, and your main competitor is holding steady at 28, better to make your call in that comparative knowledge , rather than in ignorant bliss.