Last week I defined the 5 critical tranches of data required to run your annual sales team optimisation analytics…to ensure maximum return on investment from your mobile sales team.  Like most things, the “what” is the easy bit … The “how” much harder.  Lets start with CV. Recall from last week the CV definition…

  • CV (current value)…. across the entirety of your customer base, biggest Goliath through to all your little rats and mice, generate/collect the data representing each customer’s revenue and margin contribution to your business in relation to products/services portfolio of the sales team being optimised


The first consideration is around your channel structure.  Do you sell direct, or via intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, agents?  If the former, then CV should be at your fingertips.  Straight out of your finance system.  If the latter, or a mixture of former and latter, then you need to access that data from your channel partners.  How?  Rebates structures is a common pathway.   Arguably, a better pathway is where money does not change hands and data , along with other IP is shared, for bilateral benefit and partnership enhancement.  What if your channel partner/s simply do not have that data at the end customer level?  Now you are likely to need to go down the proxy data collection.


Come back next week to learn more.