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How to increase your profile as a “beacon” pharmacy for women’s health- part 1

So, you are looking to increase your pharmacy’s women’s health profile, and become a solution destination for health states like pain, heart health, and pregnancy?  Experience shows us that there are two broad domains you need to master to achieve this objective.  One is the “engineering” piece and features the elements ………..

  • Physicals
  • People
  • Process
  • Product

The other is the “conversation” piece and features the elements ………..

  • Attitude
  • Aptitude

Firstly, lets dissect the engineering piece, since it almost does not matter how good you are at the attitude and aptitude piece, if your engineering does not reach a satisfactory performance threshold, you will sub-optimise your potential conversational advantage.   The critical success factor here is to create the environment conducive to pharmacist led, proactive consultations with women presenting with these types of conditions.  The old adage “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” in this context sounds like “you can’t make the horse drink without leading it to the water”.

How well are your service counters set up for conducting proactive and complete solution conversations with women?  As opposed to counter locations to perform perfunctory meds despatches.  Do you have separate and dedicated script out and OTC counter locations to facilitate order, workflow and customer solution conversations?  Are you and your customer able to sit down for a chat at the service counter?  Step aside to a consult room?

Do you have adequate staffing levels and pharmacist representation in the mix to station solution- oriented pharmacists at script out and OTC locations to have these conversations with women?  Do you benchmark your staffing levels and mix to know how you compete?

Does your workflow mirror your customer traffic flow to enable order, efficiency and serenity?  Do you serve anyone at any counter they come to, or have you “trained” your customers to come to dedicated service counter locations to best meet their needs for that visit?

Have you placed most likely complementary add-ons within a step or arms reach of script out and OTC locations to support your focus on women’s health and conditions like pain, heart health and pregnancy?

You need to have clear answers to these questions and a clear vision to achieve this objective. In the next instalment we move beyond the engineering piece into the conversation piece.

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