Go-to-market review. Salesforce effectiveness program. Value chain sales strategy. These are just a few of the initiatives organisations are attempting as they grapple with the fundamental issue of maximising sales resource marshalling and return-on-investment. The tension is often high in an environment like this…..the top line is increasingly harder to maintain and may be falling; the full cost of sales and servicing the customer is increasingly harder to defend.

In a period where it seems there has never been greater pressure to keep the customers we have, as well as find new ones to service, there is a need for a set of simple tools to help business leaders review current sales resource structure, roles, productivity levels and deployment; model alternatives; internally debate and decide amongst the alternatives; plan the new RoI solution; and implement it.

In these difficult economic times, we commonly see leading sales organisations have an understanding of:

  • The key elements of the toolset– headcount; visit activity benchmarks; customer coverage; prospect penetration
  • The critical inputs:
    • reviewing channel sales strategy,
    • defining farming-hunting-servicing accountabilities,
    • streamlining the order-to-delivery (for a goods supplier) or service-specification-mobilisation (for a services supplier) process,
    • and how to qualify and quantify each of them.
  • The benefits of a mathematical and methodological approach to classifying the customer base and setting associated visit productivity benchmarks
  • The flow-through to defining the prospect pool to be targeted and how to get the right farming-hunting mix for your unique sales resource RoI challenge
  • Modelling for alternative sales headcount and deployment alternatives

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Did you know The Next Level can offer you Development and Learning Workshops?

We facilitate half-day workshops and whole day boot camps using real sales data, or 1-2 hour presentations – ideal for a company sales conference.

Topics include:

  • Sales vs Customer Service responsibility split
  • Farming vs Hunting vs Servicing roles split
  • Customer Classification /Prospect Profiling
  • Account management (farming)
  • Prospect management (hunting)
  • Face to face sales methodology
  • Sales resource return-on-investment modelling
  • Sales territory structure & mapping
  • Sales scoreboard
  • Sales team internal benchmarking