Go-to-market review. Salesforce effectiveness program. Value chain sales strategy. These are just a few of the initiatives organisations are attempting as they grapple with the fundamental issue of maximising sales resource marshalling and return-on-investment. The tension is often high in an environment like this…..the top line is increasingly harder to maintain and may be falling; […]

All of us who have had some exposure to Marketing or Sales “101” have had the concept of customer segmentation drummed into us. As I walk the halls of corporate Australia these days I commonly hear Heads of Sales and Marketing talking about their new “Go to Market”, “Channel Strategy”, “Customer Segmentation” pursuits. Too often, […]

How did your football/rugby team go last weekend? I am a hapless AFL Richmond supporter, so many weekends I cannot bear to turn to the sports pages to read the obituary. When the Tigers do crack it for a win (even a draw is cause for celebration for Richmond fans), I can’t wait to rip […]

We consistently see many organisations in the business to business professional services space (eg law, accountancy, engineering, consulting, IT solutions, recruitment, advertising and more) struggle with the choices of best marshalling and deploying their sales and business development effort, as they grow from small enterprises. Here we explore the two primary models, their benefits and […]

As featured in the December 2007 issue of “Franchising Focus”, the official newsletter of Deacons Franchising. Deacons Law Firm represents over 200 franchise systems across all industries, and is Australia’s premier national franchising group. The old adage “what gets measured, gets done”, is never more pertinent than when describing an organisation’s salesforce activities. As the […]

Too often corporate salesforce effectiveness translates into putting sales staff through a one-size-fits-all sales training course, buying them all Blackberrys, bring them together for a sales conference gee-up, or launching a new sales incentive…. all potentially laudable initiatives IF they form part of a focussed and process oriented pursuit of on-going improvement. A crucial understanding […]

Sales management golden rules underpinning the salesforce reporting & measurement tool Sales effectiveness is very often highly related to planning visits, executing to the plan and then assessing the reality and reasons associated with deviations to plan Planning visits to maximise time in geographic zones, to minimise driving time nearly always contibutes to improved profitability […]