This post is the final in a 3-part series:

“Making the emotional connection during the sales process

…..more important than ever”

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Part 3 of 3:

Let’s apply the same principle now to the B2B scenario where the emotional connection with the buyer is not so obvious.  The model here to convert the product/price features-benefits conversation to make the emotional connection with the buyer might look like ……….

NB – the models below are also NOT the intellectual property of The Next Level

Goals, Fears & Challenges

Broadly speaking, there are two main types: positive and negative.

Goal Attainment or Pleasure (GAP)

  • To get promoted or be recognized as amazing at the job
  • To streamline the process and not get bogged down
  • To hit a number or stay under a budget
  • To provide a unique solution that positions them better with their clients
  • To drive towards an internal benchmark set by the boss
  • Collaboration: know the full scope of the DM team and process
  • To enjoy one’s job
  • Connect with a bigger vision
  • To be inspired
  • To play (delight)

Loss Aversion or Pain Avoidance (LAPA)

  • Stability: lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • To avoid getting fired
  • New at job and needs to learn and get up to speed
  • To avoid too much effort because of other stress factors
  • To not get bogged down

So how can you use this insight?

What should be your approach, bearing in mind these possible Goal Attainment or Loss Aversion motives? How do you tailor your messaging strategy to address these hidden motives and move your prospect further along the path to a purchase decision in your favour?

If you determine that the key buyer motivations (therefore emotional connection possibilities) are from the GAP list, then your approach should be:

  • Delight
  • Play
  • Customization

If instead you are facing LAPA, then you should lead with one of these:

  • Social proof or influence
  • Familiarity
  • Security
  • Concerns: economics, risk, compliance, strategy, politics

Remember that this is not really a buying decision; it’s a business decision! It may affect their reputation, the  buyer’s goals and what they are measured on, their company’s goals, and their career at large.

An alternative buyer motivation model that facilitates the conversion to make the emotional connection may look like …..

  • individual career = network expansion, marketability, reputation assurance
  • personal = design/aesthetics, growth/development, reduced anxiety, fun/perks), and
  • inspirational = (vision , hope , social responsibility)

In an e-commerce world where sales processes and interactions are becoming more automated and less relationship based, making the emotional connection is a skill worth perfecting for the B2B sales/relationship specialist.