In this climate of negative buyer/consumer sentiment and talk of a new recession, making the emotional connection with the buyer is even more critical than ever for the aspirational sales professional.  The concept of making the emotional connection in the buyer conversation is certainly not new, but there seems to be an irony at […]

It’s tough…bloody tough out there these days…especially when you are a professional services provider selling to corporate Australia.  Double especially,  when your value proposition is not necessarily readily tangible to the target audience, and if it is, the target immediately considers the investment required as “discretionary”. The degree of difficulty in capturing the imagination in […]

A while ago, I found myself caught up in a meaty coffee conversation with some key sales leaders of a beloved client of ours … the Australian arm of a global healthcare giant.  We were discussing their recent history regarding sales team structure evolution … a few years back, the territories were based on geographic […]

In a B2B landscape, where many sales teams continue to come under RoI scrutiny ( a common scenario since the GFC , 10 years ago), an old outdated paradigm seems to be hanging on longer and better than it deserves.  Single point or single face Account Management.  The notion that the sales exec is the […]

“Sell the benefits not the features!”…..but are you REALLY making the emotional connection? Selling features-advantages-benefits has been around since Noah came off The Ark. There can’t be a B2B sales exec around who has not been exposed to some sort of FAB training. But couching the benefit in a way that truly and uniquely connects […]

  Follow along with the accompanying power point presentation and video clips as Glenn and the specialist panel discuss the topic : Sales team size and structure …Is it better to have specialist hunters vs farmers – or hybrids?    

Many of us have found ourselves in the position , selling a technical service , where the successful sales exec (hunter) needs a prerequisite level of technical and industry knowledge that does not come with a crash induction course.  When and how do you justify the addition of another such BDM, with the cost and […]

I stopped counting and running ratios a few years back now, but at last count at least 50% of the B2B sales organisations I asked failed the value chain question. I find myself in workshops with heads of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Operations seeking clarity from the group in terms of identifying their customers […]