Recently I asserted that if you are in a mature/commodotising industry, B2B sales organisation environment, and have determined that you have a case to avert the preferable consolidated Sales exec role and structure along the lines of split specialty role types, then avoid common mores of splitting by hunters vs farmers.  Rather split by front foot , proactive, pre-emptive, programmed activity focus vs back foot, reactive, responsive, unprogrammable activity focus, for good sales team design.  Don’t forget to undertake the disciplines of the process, I outlined  in order to get to the right decision – single team vs split role team in the first instance. [Click here to commence a refresh of the previous 6 part series -“Hunters & farmers…Or hybrids…critical decision for the viability of your B2B sales process”- starting at part 1]

Now,  fully appreciating that the “hunting” function belongs firmly within the  front foot , proactive, pre-emptive, programmed activity focus role, lets further dissect this critical element of the role for the benefit of maximum  sales team optimisation  Like all things to do with optimising sales team productivity, there is no one-size-fits , unilateral answer for all such B2B sales organisations.  That said, just as the single, consolidated role sales team should be the default starting position to be argued against, here comes the default starting position to which you should lead your internal argument against when it comes to the hunting function… single/consolidated function within the same role vs split.

Argue against a default starting positioning of splitting into “flushing” (lead generation/qualification) vs “trapping” (face to face visiting for conversion of prospect to client), similarly for good sales team design. Come back next week to find out and why.

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