Regardless of your favourite football code….AFL, NRL, Soccer ….. we hear the head coaches talking in the media about the importance of the system, the processes, the structures in which they train and exhort their players to play.  It should be no different for your B2B sales team.  This notion should lead you to review your sales team design and the role bandwidth that you hold your team members accountable for.

Top things you MUST exclude (only because the company’s sales team system/processes/structures should do this for all team members) …

  • Determining which customer/prospect to visit next…plan/appoint short/medium/long term accordingly
  • How often
  • When
  • Why
  • What to do/deliver
  • The right design business partner framework

Top things you should include…

  • Operate within the rules of the system…let the system do its work, and concentrate on optimising every “hour in the spotlight” with a customer / prospect
  • Maximise application knowledge of the company’s product/technical/service training for customer tailoring during those precious hours in the spotlight
  • Maximise application of industry knowledge and consultation/advice during each hour in the spotlight
  • Maximise business relationship during each spotlight hour

Now you can undertake sales team design from this foundation.