The Clash hit of 1982 could well have been penned as the lament of the Sales Exec receiving an appointment generated by the company’s trusty, hardworking Lead Generation team.  Experience has taught many a Sales Exec at this critical functional interface in the B2B sales process, that x% of the time they attend the appointment, they, and their host quickly ascertain that there is not a good enough fit between the Sales Exec’s company product or services and the host’s company needs.

“From now on, I am going to ring beforehand, and qualify the unqualified lead appointed by the Lead Gen team, before I waste my time and drive out there to find out”, bemoans the frustrated Sales Exec.

“Wait just a moment” retorts the old and sage Sales Manager.  “Think what you are putting at risk”.  Our Sales Exec ponders hard.  The Sales Manager fills the void.

  • Ringing to confirm invites a postponement or worse, a cancellation
  • The phone conversation my superficially disqualify the apparently unworthy lead ….. whereas a face to face my provide a better forum for exploration and possible emerging left field opportunities, that simply may not have seen the light of day during a phone call, between two people that have never met
  • The visit may discount a current opportunity, but may proffer a new industry contact and potential relationship, which may be invaluable down the track when circumstances change

Our Sales Exec digests and ponders further this Achilles heel in the B2B sales process…………

“should I stay or should I go”