On the 2nd of December, The Next Level hosted a breakfast forum with like minded commercial and sales managers from a variety of industries.

The forum featured three parts:

  1. Glenn Guilfoyle, founder of The Next Level and Australia’s leading expert on B2B sales team optimisation, delivered a short “how to” piece on setting your strategic framework for annual sales team optimisation.
  2. Glenn then facilitated a panel discussion on this topic, exploring how leading organisations are addressing their go-to-market and sales-team-alignment opportunities and threats against the backdrop of the current trading and economic climate.
  3. The Panel then facilitated an audience wide plenary discussion for all to join in the debate and cross pollinate experiences.

The panel consisted of:

David Timmins, Head of Sales – Schools Division for Pearson Australia.

Geoff Barry, Victorian Sales Manager – Commercial for JJ Richards & Son Pty Ltd.

Phil Biggs, Founder and CEO for Iqua Technologies Pty Ltd.

Simon Hine, Executive General Manager for K&S Freighters Pty Ltd. 

The key take aways from this forum were:

  • How to clearly structure, articulate and document your go-to-market sales strategy, from a  sales team alignment perspective.
  • How to leverage that piece of work to “prosecute” existing approaches at your company.
  • How to identify your “low hanging fruit” from said “prosecution”.
  • How to integrate these outcomes into your successful annual sales team optimisation.

If you were unable to attend and would like to browse the information for yourself, please feel free to download the Power Point presentation as delivered at the forum by clicking here.

Additionally, we would be more than happy to assist you with any further questions you may have by simply contacting us at info@nextlevelenterprises.biz, leaving a reply below or calling us on (03) 9012 7378.

Please click here to view the power point presentation of the morning.