Last month we commenced this escapade on differentiating sales team optimisation (StO) and sales exec effectiveness (SeE), by focussing on sales team optimisation. So let’s differentiate this month! By contrast, SeE includes the identified, tailored team and individual training and skills development programs required to capitalise on the optimised team environment. A synergistic effect often produces accelerated performance from overlaying effectiveness inputs (SeE) on the efficiency inputs (StO). SeE connotes such initiatives……….

  • Recruitment profiles and competency matrices
  • Induction and training
  • Tools and measurement systems
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Targets and reward programs
  • Career development and opportunity structures

And so why is all this important? Do you know how much your organisation invests to fully mobilise, equip, pay, train and incent the sales team(s)? Is there a mathematically sound basis for assigning the revenue/margin (growth) budget to the Sales Execs? What would happen if you invested 20% less? 20% more? Whilst holding the Sales Execs to the same revenue/margin budget accountability? How much more would you need to invest (if anything) if you needed to increase the revenue/margin budget by 20%. And on and on, I could go! It’s all about managing your sales team like an investment, from which you plan and maximise your return.

Next month we delve into Sales scoreboard development – applying elite sports measurement to corporate B2B sales performance………

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