As I traipse up and down, back and forth this big country of ours, enjoying my coffee conversations with pharmacists/owners as I go, I am repeatedly struck by the cost (wage) cutting mindset as a necessary course of action to the downward pressure on profitability.  I do not believe that most of the folk I […]

First , you will need to define and articulate your new forward pharmacist service model at the dispensary. Then get the fundamentals of the structural change underway, which will require physicals; people; process; product (the 4Ps). Then overlay the fundamentals of the strategy change. Convert customers to stay -> convert stay to engaged -> convert […]

This is THE new golden triangle.  There are five main steps to tailoring your forward pharmacy model Benchmark your resourcing to operate the health section of your pharmacy – both absolute level and % mix by role type Set your “min:max” levels accordingly – what is the minimum and the maximum number of staff by […]