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The retail pharmacy industry is now a “burning platform”.  Make no mistake.  We have all seen other Australian industries undergo revolution. The car industry.  Manufacturing.  Taxis.

Closer to home, we can look into other retail sectors and the impact that e-commerce is having on “bricks and mortar”. The lesson to be drawn from these industry shake-outs is that those that re-invent, adapt and innovate survive and thrive. Those that don’t become victims and often perish.

If you are not competing predominanlty on price, you must re-engineer your service model to a total hosting- complete solution forward pharmacy.


At The Next Level, we passionately believe that for those community based pharmacies that adapt and innovate accordingly, the new world order awaiting the other side of the current industry shakeout will be an even better and stronger world than that witnessed in the “golden era” pre-PBS reform and the advent of the discounters. We presage that the forward oriented pharmacists and pharmacies will become the community’s first choice health destination and triage. Instead of most traffic flowing from GP to Pharmacy, the “new world” pharmacies will serve more and more health customers, first line, and direct them to GPs and other health service providers. These pharmacies will ultimately derive more revenue from service than product.  A fundamental shift.  And the good ones will offset the PBS margin drop.


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Having scored and benchmarked your health customer engagement effectiveness and script processing efficiency, we can assist you to implement and become one of these new world order pharmacies.


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