Discount Drug Stores Janet Sirvio, Pharmacist/Owner,
Beenleigh Discount Drug Store.

 “If you take the time to embrace the program, do the work required and understand that this is a program that requires behavioural change, so will not happen overnight, but with regular training and support it is going to have a big impact on your bottom line overall. We have experienced a 15% pro-rated increase in health category sales since the program’s inception. One of our team describes the program as “A very informative and intensive training system that will take a while to implement fully in store but has already changed my way of thinking when I am talking with a customer… Doing this I can see results and it reinforces how worthwhile it will be to change my approach when I interact with every customer.”

Mina Boutros, Managing Pharmacist,
Terry White Chemmart Narre Warren.

“I highly recommend Glenn Guilfoyle and his professional team to all pharmacy owners who would like to truly take their pharmacy to the next level . On both business parameters and professional aspects the team at Next level are capable of offering a tailored plan of action based on a scientific proven analysis through their program to help your pharmacy team maximise on all missed opportunities”

Nicky Muscillo, Pharmacist/Partner,
Terry White Chemmart Cooparoo.

“With Next Level’s services, we were able to gather exciting data, helping to direct the right resources to the right places. In the end the customer, the team and our pharmacy reaped the benefits”

Nick Logan, Pharmacist/Owner
Pharmacist Advice, Artarmon Inner Sydney

“The Next Level was able to accurately and quantitatively measure and report the length of our quality interactions with consumers. This enabled us to improve our service and profitability”

Christine Richardson, Pharmacist/Owner,
Amcal, North Queensland

“It may be tempting for some pharmacies to only want to focus on the most “obvious” metrics such as “script waiting time” or “customer retention” and some may have the belief that it’s enough to just measure these. I think one of the reasons why TNL’s analysis is so effective is because the process recognises that a customer experience is dependent on many different (and some less obvious) variables and how these variables relate to each other. Any less thorough investigation would likely result in short-term “band aid” solutions or benefits but would not enable the level of change required to produce lasting results as TNL does.”

Albert Yeap, Managing Pharmacist
Priceline, The Glen.

“I would like to thank Glenn and his team for the experience, mentoring everyone at Amcal Max in the skills to increase patient engagement and focus. Also to add, the acronyms used during the patient engagement and consultation process were amazing. Pharmacists have reported a better experience being more engaged with patients, rather than the computer and it made the business model more sustainable.”

Taraleigh Beecher,

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse, QLD.

“The NEXT level audit and then changes to the store have been extremely beneficial.  They have help  in changing to a forward pharmacist culture at our Mt Gravatt store.  Our customers have responded very positively to increased pharmacist engagement and this has therefore lead to increase in some key areas of the business.  Hopefully as a store we can continue to change our culture and shift our pharmacy into a high engagement pharmacy.”

Michael Grace, Pharmacist/Owner,
Huonville Pharmacy.

“I thought both meetings were excellent. If we could introduce 10% of your suggestions I would be happy. But we will aim higher than that.”

Sheryl Munday, HSN Management Pty Ltd.

“My experience with Glenn and Next Level was sensational. The results I got were outstanding in the 10 stores I managed in terms of increased sales and profits and efficiency which in turned lowered my wages cost as a % of sales dramatically.”

Swaroop Sawant, Pharmacist/Owner

Priceline Jesmond

“Implementing the recommendations from The Next Level has resulted in us not only giving better advice and service to our customers but also a growth in sales for our business. Compared to the same time last year we have experienced a 14% improvement in health sales and an almost 50% increase in OTC items sold with scripts, and we believe this is just the beginning.”

Adele Dannals, Managing Pharmacist,

Huonville Pharmacy.

“Thankyou Glenn! It has been my pleasure to learn from you. Looking forward to talking to you in the future. Onward and upward!”

Robert King, Pharmacist/Owner,

                                                 Amcal Max Kanwal Village

“We are really now starting to see the benefits of our pharmacists being more engaged with customers…..a journey that all started with The Next Level and subsequently involved LEAPP.”