The Facts

  • 53% of script customers will stay in the store for the duration of their dispense
  • Regardless, whether they stay or come-go-come-back again, for each dispense cycle, they will average 5m 3s in store
  • Of that 5m 3s … 44% (2m 14s) is spent engaging with a dispensary team member. More time, 2m 49s, is spent disengaged – standing in queues or waiting around
  • Of the 2m 14s engaged, the dispensary team members spend 25 seconds providing “mandatory protocols” – proactive medicines  counsel … and only 11 seconds providing proactive health and solution advice
  • Of the 4m 12s processing a script item,  2m 16s is spent sitting idle … longer than handling/processing time
  • 51% of script customers will receive some form of proactive medicines counsel – the so-called “mandatory protocols”
  • 48% of the time, the Pharmacist is stationed with at least one counter, often two, away from the customer at the rear undertaking the lion’s share of the manual processing
  • Average script customer “companion sell” ratio is 29 – for every 100 script customers, 29 non-script health category products are sold
  • The average non-script health customer “basket size” ratio is 120 – for every 100 such customers, 120 non-script health category products are sold

what measure & why - 1st bubble

Create a compelling value proposition for your customer to stay – not go somewhere else and return later

The Forecast

  • Profitability of Australian retail pharmacy has never been under more pressure
  • Research shows that the most common approaches contemplated by Owners in response is to cut costs (wages), look to off-setting forms of Government revenue, eg professional services, or simply do nothing differently
  • As with “adversity” in any business setting, leaders see the opportunity to differentiate. Winning pharmacies will compete on health advice, offering a more complete solution & convert to revenue and margin growth
  • Research also shows that many Pharmacists already think they are “doing it”, ie great customer engagement effectiveness and script processing efficiencywhat measure & why - 2nd bubble
  • Until recently, there has been no independent, industry-wide means of objectively assessing a dispensary team on the degree to which they are “doing it”


The Future

The Next Level is an independent consultancy that objectively assesses dispensary teams on the degree to which they are “doing it”

So what does The Next Level do?

The Next Level :

  • quantifies YOUR reality
  • benchmarks YOU against peers
  • tells YOU what YOU need to change ,why, and quantifies the prize in $ margin

what measure & why - 3rd bubble

Studies (cohort of more than 300 Australian retail pharmacies) show that to unlock YOUR own opportunity, YOU will need to address YOUR unique challenges in:

  • changing hearts & minds (aka people & process)
  • right resourcing level/mix to facilitate this
  • right practices and processes to enable this


The imperative is stark …. The choice (virtually) non-existent


Survive AND thrive….OR…..


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