Vince Asdagi, Managing Director
Collaborative Design Space

“Working with The Next Level team allowed us to make strategic decisions based on a cost-effective 3 month trial without the risk of a large investment. We plan to look again to The Next Level for input as the strategic journey continues.”

Country Head – Australia & NZ,

“During executive roles across leading healthcare organisations, I have trusted in The Next Level’s experience in sales team optimisation and services to retail pharmacy to deliver highest quality outcomes in terms of both sales improvements and market intelligence.”

Chief Executive Officer,
Genetics Australia

“The Next Level undertook a swift audit of our sales process and sales systems, and tailored their sales system to specifically meet our needs. Our sales people now have clear guidelines and are committed to the sales system and its successful implementation”

National Sales Manager,
Australian Unity Retirement Living Services

“The Next Level improved our sales effectiveness by switching sales major focus. Our team are now proactively hunting in new and innovative ways”

National Sales and Marketing Manager,

“The Next Level Business solution allowed us to increase our conversion from 15% to 25%”

Head of Expatriate & Migrant Banking,
ANZ Banking Corporation

“The Next Level took a snapshot assessment of our problem and tailored their hunting tools and methodologies for our unique situation. This has driven a 30% uplift in Sales”

Will Pulbrook, Franchise Owner,
Quest Apartments

“With The Next Level’s consistent monthly coaching, we are seeing some real tangible benefit to our staff and our three Quest businesses”

Drew Fairnham, General Manager Sales & Marketing
Mrs Macs


“We commissioned The Next Level to conduct a far reaching Food Services industry opportunity analysis, since all the standard information, data and statistics available in this space were somewhat limited or inadequate in some way.  The report produced was better than anything we have seen previously available, so we asked Glenn to come and present to our Management Team.  Such a positive discussion during and post the event, has already acted to shape and change our view on Food Service. A great piece of work.”

Simon Hine, Executive General Manager

K& S Freighters

“We value The Next Level as a long-term partner and advisor. Their extensive knowledge about our business and industry, as well as their systematic approach to delivering effective sales team optimisation, means that we plan to continue our relationship well into the future.”