Another APP – another year that was and another year that’s to come. All the scribes and pundits have written frantically about this year’s keynote speeches and highlights. If we judge by fullness of the main auditorium, certainly the Health Minister’s address must be included. Especially so with the highlight announcement of three new services to kick off under the auspices of 6CPA. Laudable as the new services may well be, they can be contextualised as potential new additive ways to increased pharmacy’s scope to lead rich total-engagement; complete solution conversations with health customers.

As we, at TNL, work with pharmacists across the nation we continue to be struck by how underdone are the current powerful and significant range of products and services that pharmacists have all to themselves in terms of making this type of health customer visit experience. If you have not yet navigated your way through Reckitt Benckiser’s excellent Health Hub portal to find the Nick Logan and Sarah McInerney led “forward pharmacy”, please do so. An excellent resource to help you maximise the contribution your pharmacist only and pharmacy only products make to the desired health customer visit experience. If you have not yet reviewed your strategy and dispensary team resourcing to align with maximising the deployment of the existing key 6 PPI’s, please do so.

Another excellent way to ensure your chances of delivering this proactive, total engagement-complete solution conversation service all the time. The current Australian benchmarks tell my tale that these fantastic products and services are being significantly under-utilised for the type of customer experience described.

  • For every 100 script customers, we<the industry> add on 27 non-script health companion products.
  • For every 100 OTC customers, we put 117 non-script health companion products into the basket.

Remember the hue and cry when the authorities capped the rate of Meds Checks deployment to 10 per month?

Why the clamour?

  • We only deliver 5 per month as a national average.
  • For every 100 script customer visits, we make 2 clinical interventions.
  • For every 1000 script customer visits, we execute 2 DAA services.

These stats suggest to me that we still predominantly operate in the responsive mode, largely serving our customers who lead the conversations. Better to think about a proactive, complete solution conversation as one which takes the health customer to topics and learnings they did not expect and could not have asked about.

The key?  Back to our previously described TRAPS complete solution conversation model…Applying the sales conversation skills to the TRAPS framework.

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